The best camping tent transportable on the car roof

Faster to assemble (10 minutes)

More spacious (11 m2) up to 6 seats

Easier to carry anywhere

More quality materials

Colifrì is the original big and large tent for family camping and outdoor camping with a patented revolving box with universal attachments for any car, the ideal choice for a comfortable and traveling journey!
Young people prefer Colifrì camping tent for the speed of assembly; large families choose it for comfort, high quality and great interior space.

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Features of Colifrì system

The strengths of Colifrì roof top tent


Colifrì roof top tent can be installed on the roof bars or baggage racks. Roof bars or baggage racks are not included.

Largebaggage box

Colifrì roof top tent is equipped with a large baggage box and camping equipment. Once the material is removed, the open panels allow an excellent air circulation inside the tent.

Exclusiveturning box

Colifrì roof top tent is equipped with a patented system for the rotation of the box, making it easier to open the tent. Particularly useful in case of cars exceeding a certain width.


The air vents of Colifrì roof top tent facilitate air circulation and promote well-being inside the tent.

Customize your tent

Choose the model and match the colors you prefer


Choose the model and match the colors you prefer


Available models

Three different solutions to optimize your space

easy version

6 seats

Without internal bedroom

from 1890 €

free version

3 seats

With bedroom and anteroom

from 2030 €

evasion version

5 seats

With large bedroom and anteroom

from 2410 €

External installations

To the tent you can add three useful and comfortable options


Open veranda

Closed veranda

On request, to every model of Colifrì roof top tent you can add a rainproof awning or a veranda. The roof of the veranda is made of fabric reflecting the sun’s rays and has got two side windows with mosquito nets and internal blinds. Moreover, it is telescopic, it can be used according to the needs without compromising the habitability of the central body.

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